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The Animattikon Project 2018

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Celebration of the International Animation Day at the Kimonos Art Center on the 28th of October 2018.

Official Opening of The Animattikon Project 2018 with screenings from the World Film Fair and the Firenze FilmCorti Festival.

Animation Workshop for Children on the theme of animals, by Thomas Künstler, on the 31st of October and 1st of November 2018 at the Kimonos Art Center.The Animattikon Project 2018.

Presentation of animator Thomas Künstler on the 1st of November at the Kimonos Art Center.

Thomas surprised us with the screening of his documentary "Rome to Athens".

Screening of the films of the Official Selection of the Animattikon Project.

The screenings took place on the 2nd of November at the Kimonos Art Center; on the 3rd of November at ANANAs 8bit Coffee; and on the 4th of November at Technopolis20.

Screening of animated films for children on the 3rd of November at the Almyra Hotel.

The screening program was a sent to us by Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora.

Special Halloween Screening at ANANAs 8bit Coffee on the 31st of October 2018.

Presentation by Michael Kalopedis at Technopolis20 on the subject "Animations Made in Cyprus: The Story of Zedem Media", on the 4th of November.

Screening of documentary "Persistence of Vision" by Kevin Schreck at ANANAs 8bit Coffee, on the 10th of November.

Screening of Giorgos Nikopoulos' film "The Ox". The director was present at screening and spoke briefly about his creative process. A discussion followed with the audience.

The official video of the Animattikon Project 2018.