Dear Judges,

these are the specific steps you need to follow in order to have access to the selected films of the Animattikon Project 2019.

Step 1: You will receive an email by FilmFreeway notifying you that you have been granted permission to view the films.


Step 2: Follow the link provided by clicking on it.

2019-10-07 (2).png

Step 3: Create and confirm your password. 

2019-10-07 (3).png

Step 4: Filter out all the films that do not concern your category. First of all you need to tick the box next to Selected. This way, on the list below only the films that have been selected will be shown.

2019-10-07 (4).png

Step 5: Then, you'll need to select the flag corresponding to your category (see the email we have sent you) and, if necessary, the category (you will be informed if the category filter is necessary in the email we sent you). These filters will only be applied when you click on "Apply Filters".

The reason for which simply choosing the category is not enough in some cases is because we have re-assigned some films in different categories than the ones they where submitted to. In order to avoid confusion and make sure you have viewed all the film of the category that concerns you, please consult the .pdf file we provided with the list of the films per category.

Some films in the categories Short Animated Film and Cypriot Animated Films where not submited through FilmFreeway. They can be found at this link

2019-10-07 (5).png