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International Animated Shorts

Night by Ahmad Saleh (PS)

Remainder by Ofer Winter & Shimon Engel (IL)

The Sprayer by Farnoosh Abedi (IR)

Sunny Side Up by Paschalis Pascahlis (CY)

Echo by Sergio Kotsovoulos (GR)

The Record by Jonathan Laskar (CH)

The Waltz by Yulia Ruditskaya (US)

The House of Loss by Jinkyu Jeon (JP)

Ding (Thing) by Malte Stein (DE)

One Last Wish by Galia Osmo (IL)

Outsider by Shuo Liu (CN)

The Pyramid by Mohamed Ghazala (EG)

Us by Nelson Fernandes (PT)

Tourist by Dimitris Simou (GR)


International Student Shorts

Eyes and horns by Chaerin Im (KR)

Patient's Mind by Zhiheng Wang (CN)

Pore by Clémence Pica Rogge (BE)

Hit the Nail on the Head by Cristo Madissoo, Lyza Jarvis, Maria Rakitina and Kaimar Lomp (EE)

In his Mercy by Christoph Büttner (DE)

Family Affair by Malikakhon Zaynutdinova (UZ)

Moments by Hurshida Sherkulova, Evgeniya Papina and Surayyo Tashpulatova (UZ)

Eternal While it Lasts by Dan (demi) Wu (UK)

In the Woods by Ilgın Saçan (TR)

Elevator Alone by Anastasia Papadopoulou (GR)

Shopping Sunday by Ambrozy Danko (PL)

Into the Cutezone by Niklas Wolff (DE)

Avant Card by Stella Raith (DE)

Blessing in disguise by Emma Holzapfel, Kevin Koch (DE)


Cypriot Student Shorts

The Incident by Dominik Nowak (CY) - UNIC

Batman the Handyman by Eve Constantinou (CY) - UNIC

Lost in the Woods by Alexandra Elizabeth Cleanthous (CY) - UNIC

Thin Air by Despo Potamou (CY) - NUP

Water Film by Marina Katerina Ieridou (CY) - University of Reading

In The Zone by Martha Constantinou (CY) - CUT

Sign Your X on the Line by Alexandra Charalambous (CY) - CUT

Suicidal Thoughts 3 Georgiana Chiripuci (CY) - CUT

‘Tis Time by Kalia Foinikaridou (CY) - CUT

Cycle by Christina Sachpazidou (CY) - CUT

Where? by Natali Touloupou (CY) - CUT

From Doubters to Believers by Marios Andreou (CY) - CUT

Fleeting Moments by Alexandros Delobel (CY) - CUT

Animated Music Videos

Volver a enloquecer by Ale Romero (ES)

Miranda! - El arte de recuperarte by Dante Zaballa (AR)

POWER PALADIN - Creatures of the Night by Lauren Ambry, Ella McShortall, Olivia Tang (AU)

Feeling Lonely by Julian Vargas (NO)

Rising in a Spiral by Débora Mendes, Elmano Diogo (PT)

How Many by Bianca Scali (DE)


Halloween Special

The Black reCat by Paolo Gaudio (IT)

The Reincarnated Giant by Han Yang (CN)

Hanged Man's Revenge by Fabio Catalano, Alex Cattabriga, Matteo Ferrari (IT)

Red Fire by Mona A. Shahi (IR)

Mulm by Carol Ratajczak, Tobias Trebeljahr (DE)


Animated Documentary

Just A Guy by Shoko Hara (DE)

Where the Winds Die by Pejman Alipour (IR)

Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook by Rohit Karandadi (IN)

Love Letter to Glasgow by Myria Christophini (UK)


Commissioned Films

Basic Self Disturbances by Julian Nazario Vargas (NO)

Fatigue by Julian Nazario Vargas (NO)

ADRA by Bjarne Anmarkrud (NO)

New Friend by Soyeon Kim (US)

In the beginning by Shaun Clark (UK)

Figures in Red by Alexia Roider (CY)

Films for children

Tall Order by Christophe Bouchard, (US)

Windfall by Ofer Winter & Shimon Engel (IL)

When I am sad by Lilit Altunyan (AM)

Lovely Rita by Elena Madrid (CH)

Mouse House by Timon Leder (SI)

Cat and Moth by India Barnardo, (IL)

First Day by Lucas Ricoy & Carlos Azcuaga (MX)

Hypo-gravitation by Jacob Arenber (IL)

Papa is Big, I am Small by Anya Ru & Masha Rumyantseva (IT)


Animation in Times of Plague

Don't Die on Me by Ori Goldberg (IL)

Remote Desktop Animations by Jean-Guillaume Bastien (CA)


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