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The Animattikon Project 2023
Official Selection


International Animated Short Films
The Blind Writer by Georges Sifianos (GR), 10'00"
Broken by Farzaneh Omidvarnia (DK), 16'
Canary by Chrysoula Korovesi and Marios Gampierakis (GR), 5'54"
Cornucopia by Ani Antonova and Dimiter Ovtcharov (AT), 7'49"
Cricket by Natalia Ryss (IL), 8'00"
Hummings of a hummingbird by Savvas Constantinou (CY), 2'07"
Marie.Eduardo.Sophie by Thomas Corriveau (CA), 3'15"
Pink Mountain by Thomas Kunstler (GR), 8'25"
Rest in piece by Antoine Antabi (DE), 9'35"
Wish I Were There by Neil Baker (UK), 1'52"

International Student Animated Short Films
Aria in Vanitas
by Maria Sierra, Mélanie Fernandez, Valentina Catanho and Francisco Maximo (ES), 3'13"
CookedFellas by David Sick (DE), 5'00"
Drainspotting by Vincent Maurer (DE), 1'50"
The Eastern Rain by Milly Yencken (EE), 9'07"
La bride (Dog's Leash) by Nicolas Piret (BE), 3'48"
Le Pain by Alex Vicatos (AU), 2'08"
Mustermann by Veronika Väth (DE), 8'05"
My mother the sea by Aspasia Kazeli (EE), 6'01"
Nobody by Mingyuan Li (US), 4'05"
Soaked in by Shiyu Tang (CN), 4'45"
Town Hall Square by Christian Kaufmann (DE), 8'35"

Through the Mirror by Vasiliki Iskenderoglou (GR), 2’28”

Cypriot Student Animated Short Films
Jamais Vu by Katerina Constantinou, Maria Panayi and Eleftheria Papadopoulou (CY), 3'
Sick by Alexandra Louka (CY), 4'04"
Worrywart by Panagiotis Christou (CY), 2'15"

Animated Documentaries
Home by Filipa da Costa Gaspar (UK), 4'46"
Nosh-Up by Mafalda Salgueiro (PT), 12'
The Golden Age by Hannah Hamalian (US), 11'06"
The two Bérénices of Réjean Ducharme by Jean-Guillaume Bastien (CA), 4'45"
Two one two by Shira Avni (CA), 4'10"

Animated Music Videos
Ashnikko - Worms by Raman Djafari (DE), 3'06"
Blumentanz by Raito Low (TW), 5'20"
Farsh-e-Parandeh (Flying Carpet) by Leila Honari (AU), 6'24"
Hungry Ghost by Guido Devadder and Kaitlin McSweeney (BE), 6'52"
Miles Davis - What's Love Got to Do With It by Irina Rubina (US), 4'21"
Strange Town (Πόλη Ξένη) by Eftychia Maria Kondyli (GR), 3'22"
The Short Hand by Shimon Engel, Julia Scherer and Ofer Winter (IL), 4'08"

Commissioned Animated Films
Believe in Hope by Bruno Simoes (ES), 1'25" 
Potato Falls by Janina Putzker (DE), 1'
Warm & Cozy by Ofer Winter and Shimon Engel (IL), 3'15"

Live your life (Ζήσε τη ζωή σου) by Zedem Media (CY), 1’39”

Forest by Zedem Media (CY), 3’50”

Animated Films for Children
Ana Morphose by Joao Rodrigues (PT), 10'
Go Ski by Shaked Hyman (IL), 5'16"
Kids in Winter by Maing Caochong (CN), 2'55"
The Last Cloudweaver by Anna-Ester Volozh (UK), 4'
The Little rat by Maddy Benson (US), 2'31"
Meet Cute by Shawn Patrick Tilling (CA), 2'43"
Robie by Pei-Lun Hsieh (TW), 9'59"
Swing by Ignasi Tarruella (ES), 4'44"
The Menace from above by Mariam Khayat (SA), 6'08"

Halloween Special
Deadline by Idan Gilboa (IL), 12'49"
GMAN: a qixia in space by Yuchen Liu (CN), 9'30"
Innermost by Maing Caochong (CN), 15'00"
The Rat by Yuanqing Cai (CN), 12'55
Saft by Mona Keil (DE), 4'55"
Suruaika by Vlad Ilicevici and Radu C Pop (RO), 9'10"
Together Body and Soul by Ana Gheorghe (RO), 10'47"
Tomato Kitchen by Junyi Xiao (CN), 8'42"

MO - Motion Graphics Showcase

List of participants:

Sarah Pena @mographity.spena

Dimitrios Sakkas @dimitris_sakkas

Kiki Velisaridou @2kay_creative_studio

Mateusz Mieciek @quasiaqua

Vasilis Skandalos @somethingnue

Alexandros Fiouris @d.raw_lines

Savvas Ampatzidis @thepack_art

Tina Touli @tinatouli

Matej Martinec @matej_martinec

Lucas Hesse @_hesselucas

Antonin Waterkeyn

Francesco Giacomini @contra_campo_

Daffa Okta @daokf

Fansha Awadhivanka @aca_awadhivan

Dase Boogie @daseboogie

Andreas Maris

Charlie Le Maignan @charlie.le.maignan

Dave Mawer

Lauren Kinley @kinley.lauren

Michael Christodoulou

Albert Castro @Caster_1980

Gianluca Italiano @italiano.jpg

Ivan Krystall @ivankrystall

Borja Holke @holke79

Comte Bettina @bettinaloulou

Varvara Vorobyeva @barbara.frames

Hamlet Auyeung Studio Nopqrst @hijklm_nopqrst

Athanasios Katsougiannis @athanasioskatsougiannis

Aljoscha Höhborn @aljoscha_hoehborn

Melandinou Anastasia @_melandin

Matina Nicolaidou @mat.nik

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