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International Animated Short Film

Golden Hat Award: Rest in Piece by Antoine Antabi

The Jury was impressed by the quality of the puppet animation and the use of narrative language which made the story come to life. The need for survival and human endurance through the act of war was given by the artist in a powerful visual yet touching aesthetic reminding us all of the fragility and pain of war. The award goes to Rest in Piece by Antoine Antabi.

Honorable mention: Pink Mountain by Thomas Kunstler
The Jury’s International Honorable Mention goes to the touching film that so powerfully and creatively depicts the feelings of love, affection and sensitivity. The story shows us a man’s quest to win the love of a rich girl by offering her something unique…a pink mountain. Through the creation of beautifully framed images, the director created a world of its own. The award goes to the film Pink Mountain by Thomas Kunstler.


International Student Animated Short Film

Golden Hat Award: Soaked In by Shiyu Tang
The award goes to "Soaked In" for addressing the political dimension of the theme and conveying a social message through the concept. For the clear plot delivered through a strong aesthetic and very good technical result.

Honourable Mention: CookedFellas by David Sick
The honorable mention goes to "Cooked Fellas" for its clever and humorous approach to the plot, screenplay, and dynamics. For its diversity and minimalist aesthetic aspect.

Cypriot Student Animated Short Film

Golden Hat Award: Jamais Vu by Katerina Constantinou, Maria Panayi and Eleftheria Papadopoulou
The award goes to "Jamais Vu" for its innovative perspective regarding technical means and the cohesive directorial result. For the successful approach and experimentation with technique in the film's composition. For the attention to detail and the design.

Commissioned Animated Short Film

Golden Hat Award: Potato Falls by Janina Putzker
The Jury was highly amused by the series of clips promoting the German Short Film Day 2022. The creative use of 2D and Mixed-Media in combination with a humorous approach makes this 45 seconds teaser animation, engaging and fun to watch. The award goes to Potato Falls by Janina Putzker

Animated Music Video

Golden Hat Award: Worms by Raman Djafari
The Jury was impressed by the visual representation of the soundtrack’s storyline. The animation travels you into an imaginary hectic dystopia, a multi-layered ambience where the specialised 3D animation effects give a sense of friction and maximalism. The award goes to Worms directed by Raman Djafari.


Honorable Mention: Blumentanz by Riato Low
The Jury couldn’t ignore the usage of 60 different plants in the experimental object animation based on Robert Schumann’s music. This stop motion animation is using beautiful transitions and kaleidoscope shape compositions of real flowers and leaves in order to visually represent the soundtrack. The Honorable Mention goes to Blumentanz directed and animated by Raito Low.


Animated Documentary

Golden Hat Award: Nosh-Up by Mafalda Salgueiro
The jury found fascinating the painting inspired technique that Mafalda, the animator-director, was using in order to animate this tribute to cookery about Portuguese cuisine. The rhythm of the documentary is smooth and fluid as the cooking act is. Mafalda managed to give value into an everyday activity through this animation documentary. The award goes to Nosh Up directed by Mafalda Salgueiro.


Honorable Mention: Golden Age by Hannah Hamalian
The Jury’s Honorable Mention goes to The Golden Age directed by Hannah Hamalian. This is an experimental, expressive and yet informative animation documentary about being a woman at work in the animation industry of Disney. 



Animated Film for Children

Golden Hat Award: Ana Morphose by Joao Rodrigues
Amidst the prevailing current of change in a rapidly evolving creative industry driven by artificial intelligence, "Ana Morphose" stands out as a testament to impeccable human craftsmanship. It employs traditional methods in a manner that enriches the art of animation, leaving a lasting impression to its young audience. With a compelling storyline, the audience forms an immediate emotional connection with the character, while also being immersed in an enigmatic auditory world of music and sounds. "Ana Morphose" not only captivates with its visual and narrative excellence but also succeeds in evoking genuine emotional responses.


Honourable Mention: The Last Cloudweaver by Anna-Ester Volozh
Animation is first and foremost an attempt to bring the magic of stories to life - to "animate". Thaumatotrope - an early ancestor of animation - hints at this in its name, which means "magical turn". The Last Cloudweaver by Anna-Ester Volozh brings a fairy tale to life, taking us into a magical world of beautiful images to tell the touching story of a dragon who teaches his young apprentice the art of weaving clouds, just as the animator weaves worlds. The film's beautiful music, which accompanies the bittersweet story, and the enchanting images that bring a world of magic and fairy tales to life, pay tribute to the magical art of animation.

Animated Horror Short Film

Golden Hat Award: Together, Body and Soul by Vasile Alboiu and Liviu Dinu

The Golden Hat Award is decided by vote by the audience of the Animattikon project during the Halloween Special screening.

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