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A Symphony of Horror

The Animattikon Project celebrates the 100 years of the release of the silent masterpiece by F.W. Murnau in 1922, by presenting a screening of the film, accompanied by a musical performance by George Bizios (electric guitar), Ronja Burve (vocals) and Omiros Miltiadous (drums).

During this cine-concert, the trio will present an original score for voice, guitar and drums, composed by George Bizios especially for this event. The music is influenced from contemporary and avant garde jazz. and the score combines composed elements with parts of free improvisation, allowing the musicians to interact with the image and the film narrative in real time during the screening.

The musicians:
George Bizios / Electric guitar & composition
Ronja Burve / Vocals
Omiros Miltiadous / Drums

Bizios 1.jpg

George Bizios is a guitarist and composer from Limassol. In 2019 he graduated from the ArtEZ conservatory in the Netherlands with a BA in jazz and pop guitar. Since then he has been active in Cyprus working with various music and art ensembles as a creator and collaborator. Some of his personal works have been presented in residency programs and festivals around the island such as "Xarkis" (2019), "The yard.residency" (2019), "Cyprus Jazz and World Music Showcase" (2018, 2020, 2021), " Nicosia Pop Up Festival' (2021), 'Open House Festival' (2022) and more.

Omiros Miltiadous.jpg

Omiros Miltiadous is a Cypriot musician born in Limassol in 1991. He encountered music for the first time at the age of 16 where he began lessons with one of the island's most renowned drummers, George Koulas. After completing his military service he began his preparation for his studies with another great drummer, Stelios Xydias. In 2012, he began his studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands, where he obtained his B.A. and M.S. degrees in Jazz Drumming with the great Eric Ineke as his main teacher. He has had lessons and workshops with drummers such as Adam Nussbaum, John Riley, Nasheet Waits and Eric Harland. Omiros is currently active playing and recording in various bands in Cyprus.


The Latvian singer Ronja Burve is best characterized by her youthful voice and her passion for vocal improvisation — an integral part of her musical persona. Formally trained in jazz, Ronja strives to achieve freedom in music by treating her voice as an instrument and exploring the colors of her voice. Ronja has dabbled in a variety of musical styles, claiming that any music is good music as long as it’s done skillfully and in good taste, and has been part of a variety of projects, most notably — Tree of Dawn — one of her own projects with two studio albums released to date.

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