International Animated Short Films:

A Robot Is A Robot by  Emil Friis Ernst and Nilas Ropke Driessen(DK)

Floreana by Louis Morton (DK)

Circuit by Delia Hess (SW)

Synchronicity by Michelle Brand (UK)

Passage by Igor Corci (RS)

La Rage by Alice Saey (FR)

Guster by John Kelley (US)

Peace by Dimitar Dimitrov (BG)

A most precise and nuanced look into the life of the man legend and visionary - Martin Luther by Magnus Igland Moller (DK)

Pinchpot by Greg Holfeld (AU)

Jaime El Barbudo by Cabeza Voladora (ES)

Lost and Found by Engel Shimon (IL)

Kitwana's Journey by Ng'endo Mukii (KE)

Muedra by Cesar Diaz Melendez (ES)

Hounds by Amit Cohen and Ido Shapira (IL)

The Masque of Blackness by Epoh Beech (UK)

Wind  by Dana Sink (US)

Next Stop by Brad Gibson (CA)

Como y porque se ha esfumado Don Jose (How and Why Don Jose Dissipated) by Moshe Ben-Avraham  (IL)

The Music Box by Joe Chang (CA)

Violent Equation by Antonis Doussias (GR)

Soup by Panagiotis Charalambous (GR)

Sun-kissed by Ignasi Tarruella (ES)

The juggler by Skirmanta Jakaité (LT)

Sugarlove by Laura Luchetti (IT)

Sunset by Marcin Gizycki (PL)

Avarya by Gökalp Gönen (TR)

Wings by Simpals Studio (MD)

Colores by Cabeza Voladora (ES)

Bolero Station by Rolf Brönnimann (SW)

All the World is a Stage by Hannes Rall (SG)

Fuse by Shadi Adib (DK)

Il s'est passé quelque chose by Anne Larricq (FR)

Arch-Rival by Liu Qiang (CN)

Castle by Ryotaro Miyajima (JP)

Drops by Sarah Joy Jungen and Karsten Kjaerulf-Hoop (DK)

Animated Documentaries:

One After the Other by Nicolas Pégon (FR)

A Strange Trial by Marcel Barelli (SW)

A Scribbled Memory by Bhulla Beghal (UK)

To Let The Body Grow by Andrea Gudiño (MX)

How A Song Saved A Species by Rémi Cans (FR) 

Egg by Martina Scarpelli (FR)

Memoriae di Alba (Alba's Memories) by Andrea Martignoni and Maria Steinmetz (DE)

Carlotta's Face by Valentin Riedl and Frédéric Schuld (DE)

Patchwork by Maria Manero Muro (ES)

International Student Animated Short Films:

War Machine by Iva Dimanova (BG)

The Mocking Devil by Fernandi Samuel (ES)

Grand Pa by Ellis Kayin Chan, Tena Galovic, Zozo Jhen, Yen-Chen Lui and Marine Varguy (FR)

Philogenia by Clothilde Hiron, Julie Paturange, Salomé Rouaud-Nicod

The Steppes of Khazar by Sofiia Melnyk (DE)

Unwanted Sun by Xintong Li (US)

Be Hold by Sarah Schulz (CA)

The Tree by Basil Malek, Han Yang (FR)

Blieschow by Christoph Sarow (DE)

Bacchus by Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta (DK)

Passage by Timm Völkner (DE)

Monachopsis by Kim Aleksander Strandli (DK)

Tangled in Foxes by Maryana Gorkova (UK)

Sweet Dreams by YuanTing Chao Tina and Chloe(Lei) Tu (US)

The Kiter by Lucie Andouche and Cécile Despretz (FR)

273 Days from Today by Konstantinos Vachlas (GR)

Vermin by Jérémie Becquer (DK)

Deepness of the Fry by August Niclasen (DK)

High Score by Pablo Cortes, Lou Maurice De Reparaz, Elodie Ferrer, Brian Lim and Adrien Vallade (FR)

Jackie by Coralie Bruschi (FR)

Tuna by Cliona Noonan (IE)

Ce gout en bouche by Laura Passalacqua (FR)

Hammer Down by Dan Pasto (US)

Animals by Tue Sanggaard (DK)

Fortune by Nicolas Castelli, Nicolas Feracci, Simon Magnat, Alexandre Moisan and Pedro Pillot (FR)

Animated Music Videos:

A Co Gdyby Tak (What if just) by Bartłomiej Biedroń and Sebastian Juszczyk (PL)

Lovesunk by Natalia Bykova (RU)

Strings by Satomi Yamaguchi( sayuha ) (JP)

Snow by Rama Djafari (DE)

Delta by Noémie Bevierre, Lou Maurice De Reparaz, Elodie Ferrer  Clothilde Hiron, Salomé Rouaud Nicod and Clarisse Ye (FR)

Magnetism by Raman Djafari (DE)
Vorace by Lucas Ansart, Chloé Forestier, Miriam Lazrak, Julie Paturange, Loïck Piton and Arthur Sevestre (FR)

Les douze coups du midi by Lucie Andouche, Thomas Appleman, Luc Armanet, Ambre Decruyenaere, Cécile Despretz and Camille Sallan (FR)

Jerusalem by Shimon Engel and Ofer Winter (IL)

Pandemonium by Baptiste Boutin, Marine Corbineau, Vincent Marques, Laura Passalacqua and Louise Viriot (FR)

Johny and the Devil by Matty Jorissen (NL)

Happy by Alice Saey (FR)

Cypriot Animated Films:

Insomnia by Natasa Panayiotou (CY)

For a Soldier by Stylianos Chrysostomou (CY)

Brainwatch by Antonis Theodosiou (CY)

Annual Ritual by Chloe Anastasia Antoniade

Oh Shit! by the Colorful Poopies (Natasa Panayiotou, Eleni Georgiou, Maria Pandi, Michalis Achilleos) (CY)

Griffin by Margarita Zikou (CY)

Can You Eat Plastic by Christina Konstantinou (CY)

Raid by Varak Mouroudian (CY)

Awaken by Stalo Barnaba (CY)

Sadako's Wish by Hara Kyprianou (CY)

A.B. by Anthony Petrou (CY)

Extra-cinematic Animation:

At the Kitchen Table: Stories of Migration and Resilience by Kate Anderson, Sonia Kneepkens, Fan Sissoko

Wetware by Martin Sulzer

SDtoHDuprezMaxV2_009.mp4 by Anna Spence

Flora by Chaerin Im

After Silence by Henning Himmelreich

On Small Things by Pernille KJÆR

Amoeba by Pernille KJÆR

Punto Agitato by Celia Eid and Pierre-Stéphane Meugé

Butterfly and Mouse by Mira Yankova

The Last Eagle by Reza Golchin

Limbo by Paola Bellato, Isabel Estruch, Sofia Ugarte, Leandro Aviles (MIGA Animation Studio)

You Used to Bring Me Flowers by Nofar Schweitzer

Too Tame! by Rebecca Bloecher

Relation • Ship by Zoey Lin

Mental Black Hole by Zoey Lin

Animated Films for Children

Unexpected Discoveries by James Mabery (US)

Collage by Eduardo Altamirano (MX)

Fire Flower by Kayla Mitchell (US)

Fantasia dei Gatti by Paul Glickman (US)

Reminisce me with the time of a day by Holly Lo (TW)

The Tree by Sare Shapifour (IR)

Ballad of Pipe and Necklace by Martin Babic (HR)

Balance by Raymond Limantara Sutisna (SG)

Stick by Tom Rameaux (FR)

Comfort by Matthew Koh (AU)

Et Toc! by Lucas Ansart, Solenn Barbier, Clothilde Hiron, Miriam Lazrak, Laura Passalaqua and Julie Paturange (FR)

Ice Dream by Julie Fournier (FR)

Kaeru by Denise Chan (US)

Lemon & Elderflower by Ilenia Cotardo (UK)

Magic Play by Natasha Canepa (US)

Nearly There! by Colette D'Amico (FR)

Om Nom Nom... by Matsuda Minato, Tomoko Taiga and Haruna Ueno

While I Keep on Dreaming by Giorgos Chatzelis (GR)

Halloween Special:

AstroLOLogy: Tarus & Libra: Feeding Time by Lemon Sky Studios

Unter Druck by Elisabeth Weinberger, Niklas Wolff and Lukas Wengorz

Drahtseilakt by Markus Ott, Bianca Scali and Esra Laske

Ausgeliefert by Christopher Schmier

The Book of Blood by Liam Harris

Don't Feed These Animals by Liliana Ramires