International Animated Short Films:

Sparrow  by Claudia Esslinger (US) 

Quarantine by Dimitar Dimitrov (BG)

The Spring by Xin Li (AU)

Abstract Animals by Dana Sink (US)

De Berde by Star Bazancir (SE)

Criss Cross by Caroline Hamann, Fritz Penzlin (DE)

Song Sparrow by Farzaneh Omidvarnia (DK)

Lah gah (Letting go) by Cécile Brun (CH)

#21xoxo by Sine Özbilge (BE)

Average Happiness by Maja Gehrig (CH)

Mother and Milk by Ami Lindholm (FI)

The Dream of B. Soares by Thibault Chollet (FR)

Duodrom by Basil Vogt (CH)

Crick by Nick Crimmen (UK)

Roberto by Carmen Córdoba González (ES)

Epirenov by Alejandro Ariel Martin (AR)

A family that steals dogs by John C Kelley (US)

In my particualr case by Chico Jofilsan (UY)

L by Nikolaus Jantsch AT

Bench by Rich Webber (UK)

Tethered  by Gaia Alari (US)

Heart of Gold by Simon Filliot  (FR)

They dance with their heads by Thomas Corriveau (CA)

Jingo Ball by Dana Sink (US)

The Parrot Lady by Michalis Kalopaidis (CY)

Animated Documentaries:

Shadow of the Sun by Ido Hartmann (IL)

You are at the bottom of my mind by Catriona Black (UK)

Ashaman the Diva by Chloé Mazlo (FR)

Iktamuli by Anne-Christine Plate (DE)

Shaking a Singapore Spear by Hannes Rall (SG)

In Nature by Marcel Barelli (SZ)

The Chimney Swift by Frédéric Schuld (DE)

International Student Animated Short Films:

Sh_t Happens by Michaela Mihalyi, David Štumpf (CZ)

The End by Wiebe Bonnema (NL)

Colrun by Jorge Sarria de Vicente (ES)

The Dusty Sea by Héloïse Ferlay (FR)

Daughter by Daria Kashcheeva (CZ)

The Boundaryless Night by Li-Wei Hsu (TW)

IHR (They) by Amélie Cochet, Louis Möhrle (CH)

Touché by Sofja Gorelova (EE)

Room with a sea view by Leonid Shmelkov (EE)

Cante by Teresa Baroet (EE)

Food Chain by Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi (EE)

Contact by Mari Kivi (EE)

300g/m2 by Kamila Kučíková (EE)

Evangeline by Nadine Schwenk (DE)

Pumpers Paradise by Eddy Hohf (DE)

Kater by Felix Zehender (DE)

Wild West Compressed by Christian Kaufmann (DE)

Tick by Fabienne Prieß, Levin Tamoj (DE)

Aura by Timm Völkner (DE)

The box assassin by Jeremy Schaefer (US)

Rigth Now, I am by Ciara Kerr (UK)

Password to the **** by Adél Szegedi (UK)

HEXED by Louise Bongartz, D. Forest Gamble, Francisco Martins Fontes (ES)

Run for the bird song by Ingrid Pucci (EE)

Paradiddle by Kai Chuan Yang (US)

Animated Music Videos:

Crossing Continents by David Bernini (RU)

Yellow Rose by Xin Li (AU)

Dance Dog Dance by Paul Johnson (CA)

Comte by Natalia Ryss (CA)

Good and Better by Gil Alkabetz (DE)

A little too much by Martina Scarpelli (US)

Fearless woman by Aya Yamasaki, Jason Brown (US)

The Tree has been Planted by Irene Blei (US)

Commissioned Animated Films:

DAVSS: The Monster by Katie Steed (UK)

Ode by Shadi Adib (DE)

Fit for the future by Jonas Hofmann (SZ)

EndFGM by Alexia Roider (CY)

Extra-cinematic Animation:

Infotoxication by Andre Perim BR

Under the Canopy by Bastien Dupriez (FR)

The shudder flies away with open arms, farewell by Celia Eid, Sébastien Béranger (FR)

GAIA by Jass Kaselaan EE

Study in relations  by Jan Oprach DE

The Chair by Ronnie Cramer US

Marbles by Natalia Spychala PL

The Shoemaker's Dream by Tom Carr CY

Interpolators by John Harlan Norris US

Animated Films for Children

The Blanket by Marina Moshkova (RU)

The Witch and the Baby by Evgenia Golubeva (RU)

Fussel by Alex Berweck (DE)

My Tagalong by Jerry Wang (CA)

Tobi and the Turbobus by Verena Fels (DE)

Twin Trees by Emmanuel Ollivier (FR)

Earlybird by Daniel Fitzgerald (UK)

Tacet by Zachary Simon (US)

Anton by Yen Jui Lu (US)

Animated Horror Special (Halloween Special):

Malakout by Farnoosh Abedi (IR)

The Press Conference by Daniel McNicholl (IE)

Five by Peter Kaboth (DE)

The Beholder by Shaun Clark (UK)

The Dead Hands of Dublin by Leo Crowley (IE)

Margin of Terror by Kieran McLister (UK)

Golem by Carlo Puoti (IT)

Psychophonic by Aline Romero (ES)

Channel by Emory Rice (US)

Charlie & Yip by Alexander Williams (UK)

Animation in Times of Plague:

I am not an angel by Joe Chang (CA)

Singing Grubs and Spiders by Rebecca Thomson (AU)

Forest of fears by Rebecca Thomson (AU)

Lullaby for a pandemic by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (US)

My dear quarantine by Ewa Maria Wolska (PL)

Interlude by Christine Panushka (US)